Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb:::Movie Review

Posted on 26 September 2010

Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb

I purchased the movie Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb the other day at our local Hmong store here in Georgia and although I wasn’t able to watch the movie right away I finally found the time to watch it today and I thought the movie was hummmm well worth it.

Title: Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb
Release: 2010
Starry: Kwm Lis, Paj Kub Tsab, Sua Ham, Meej Thoj and Paj Muas Vwj
Production: Keeb Kwm Video Productions

The movie is about a highly honored man named Tong Shoua who is well known for his kindness to his village and for his great skills in playing the qeej and his skills in herbal medicine. Tong Shoua feel deeply in love with a heart broken girl named Kab Ziag and they soon wed. Tong Shoua and Kab Ziag were two couple who loved each other and honored each other very much but before long the demand of Tong Shoua’s skills started to bother Kab Ziag since he has not been able to shower her with all the love and attention she needed and wanted since he is always out helping people. Kab Ziag than started to believe that Tong Shoua had cheated on Kab Ziag and had saw Tong Shoua talking to a girl from the village, she than ran away back to her mother and decided that she wanted to leave him. During Tong Shoua’s hard times he had been having dreams of another woman, Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb a girl who had been waiting for Tong Shoua for 25 years. 25 Years earlier Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb had meet Tong Song by the river when she had pose herself has a stripped snake, she than feel in love with Tong Shoua and had waited for him since that day. Present Day, Tong Shoua had a dream of Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb telling Tong Shoua that she had been waiting for him for 25 years and now the time has come for Tong Shoua and Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb to be together. In his dream he had promised her that he’ll marry her. Once this dream happened he strted to have problems with his wife and more dreams started to happen. With the problem with Kab Ziag and Tong Shoua and his dreams he started to slowly get sick and soon enough he passed away to be with Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb.

I am honestly not a fan of Kwm Lis and I had honestly hated this guy from the very first movie I’ve seen many years ago and was never into his music. And then disliked him more since I met him this July when I was at Sy Ly’s concert and Kwm sat with us at our table (since he knows my aunt that I was with). I really disliked him more since then because he has a horrible staring problem. Anyways I decided to give this guy a very last try because from the preview of Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb I decided that the movie is a movie I might want to watch, the story line was interesting. So with that in mind I went ahead and purchased the movie. I guess when giving others the benefit of the doubt it can be well worth it.

I really don’t have much negative things to say about this movie. I have to say all the girls in this movie were beautiful (for Hmong people). Our main girl Kab Ziag was a true Hmong beauty and of course all the girls were beautiful. I was a bit confused with the beginning, but they did a great job explaining the beginning with the strip snack and the little boy at the lake. They also did great showing love and pain in this movie, the script was great as well. They spoke in poetry a lot so it took a lot to understand, but even their poetry was easy enough to understand.

I also see this movie as a life lesson other than romance. And from this movie I also understand about the Hmong Umbrella, I had always wonder why at Hmong weddings they used a black umbrella tied with a Siv Ceeb and hang it by the window. I’ve learn that the Hmong umbrella used at a wedding is to emphasis or is the meaning that a husband (who is the one who brings the umbrella to the girl’s home at the wedding) will protect his wife from any danger, rain, hardship and etc from anything that may happen in life. This is why the bride’s family can get offended if the umbrella is handled incorrectly or is hanged at the wrong place or incorrectly. I’ve always wonder and now I know.

Anyways, if there’s any problem about the movie that I have all I really have to say is that Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb needs to improve on her acting skills, she is my least favorite actress but besides her, everyone else was pretty good with their acting.

The movie was great, the storyline was great, the script was great and everyone else did a great job with the movie. I would really recommend any Hmong movie lovers to watch this movie and hopefully they all would enjoy it as much as I did.

10 responses to Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb:::Movie Review

  • simplysweet says:

    hmm, interesting! now i know what the meaning of the umbrella is too..thanks.=)

  • Kub says:

    This movie is available for sale on hmongempire.com

  • Nye says:

    “a horrible staring problem”?, that’s too funny. Maybe it’s because he is a celebrity and expects girls to fall for him. But I guess not you. :)

  • ka says:

    Would you mind telling me the ending of the movie… it sounds interesting but I wanna know how it ends before I watch it…

    • mozemoua says:

      Ka, I hope no one reads this… But he pretty much went back to his wife and gave her the necklace she wanted, but she declined it since she was already going to get married so he stayed with the lady who nursed him back to health.

  • maiv nas vaaj says:

    i love it… it make me cry… tu siab heev li os…

  • Tee says:

    I actually liked this movie. My parents had it on while I was visiting and ended up watching the whole thing.

    Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb needs help acting but she was pretty hot! Agreed?

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