Tij Laug Xab Vol. 3 [2010] Album Review

Posted on 08 June 2010


Tig Laug Xab Volume 3
1. Tij Laug Xab (album 3 version)–Xaab, Txiab & Nkuaj Duab
2. Txiv (from Ib Leeg Tub)-Xaab
3. Cas Koj Tsis Tuag- Xaab
4. Thaum twg log zaub- Txiab and Xaab
5. Luag Puas Hlub Koj- Xaab
6. Txhob Dhuav Kuv- Xaab
7. Puas Yog Koj Dhuav-Txiab
8. Tsis Zoo Li Qub- Amanda
9. Yog Sib Hawm Tig Tau Rov Qab- Dab Pob Tawb
10. Yog Tsis Muaj Dab Tsi- Txiab
11. Ntuj Os Ntuj- Xaab
12. Nyiag Hlub Koj- Txhiab
13. Niam (from Ib Leeg Tub)- Amanda
14. Lawv Os Lawv- Xaab, Txiab and Dab Pob Tawb

I have to say, if you like a little humor and enjoy Xab’s funky humorous ways than you’ll love love love this album! I truly enjoy this album for the humor that Xab has in his albums for his audience yet he has a few more serious songs for the less humorous people to enjoy. It’s unlike any other Hmong albums, in this album majority of the songs are humorous songs, very light for the soul and great for a good laugh. I would have to say that people who does not understand Xab’s humor will not find this album amusing, I love his humor so I enjoy this album very much.

Other than Txhiab our leading lady also known as Me Me (pronounced May-May which means LITTLE/TINY in Hmong) in this album Xab has 3 special guest who happened to either duet with Xab and Txhiab or has their own songs. The very famous Amanda Vang has two songs of her own in this album, the first one is “Tsis Zoo Li Qub” (It’s not the same/It’s now like how it used to be) and the second song is “Niam (Mother) which is the song from a very good Hmong movie “Ib Leeg Tub” (The Only Son) starring Xab and the famous Hnub Lauj who is now married to Chapoleon Vang, the leading man in Hnub Lauj’s movie “Nkuaj Nyab” (No I am not spreading rumors, I actually got confirmation by their producer sometimes last year, just never post it up).

Nkauj Duab duet with Xab and Txhiab in the song “Tig Laug Xab”, vol 3 version. I honestly had never heard of her before so I am assuming that this is her debut song that Xab is helping her out with? If anyone who had heard her songs, please direct it this way, I would love to hear her songs, I think she has a good potential voices, lets hope her choices of music is decent!

Lastly with the guest appearance; Dab Pob Tawb sang a duet with Xab and Txhiab in the song “Lawv os Lawv” and also a song of his own called “Yog Sib Hawm Tig Tau Rov Qab”. I too had never heard of him before so again if this isn’t his debut song than please direct some of his songs this way, I would love to hear and review them as well.

I will find the time to translate a few songs from this album, before so, please do enjoy the simple songs from this album. Oh by the way, once the last song finishes the player will keep on going, there is nothing there, it’ll be blank, but it’ll just keep playing silent-ness. I used goldwave instead of adobe audition this time and forgot to delete the silent ending from the track. I also made some type when I was editing the track, lets hope you guys did not hear it! All the songs are in order from 1-14, same order as the song list. Enjoy the simple!

2 responses to Tij Laug Xab Vol. 3 [2010] Album Review

  • Emmertt says:

    Haha, everyone do have different taste. At times, after couple of albums with his funny ways, it gets kinda annoying. But like you said, if you enjoy his humor way of singing, you’ll like it. I guess i’m in that 10% of majority that wish he would actually sing sing. :D

  • Beauty-Star says:

    Sweetie it’s not Hnub Lauj it’s Hnub Lis lol.

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