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Posted on 16 July 2013 | 3 responses

I am truly sad that there are immature people in this world! I have never ever have any problem with people using and borrowing my photos but I had recently found out that someone had “STOLE” my photo and post immature things on it. It truly hurt me that when I had kindly asked this person to take off the photo, he/she had replied back with a negative and hateful message. I just hope that these people will grow up and stop this kind of immature things!


Vikki Pham- Set 2 Sneak Peek

Posted on 30 July 2013 | 1 response

Here is the sneak peek of set two of my photo shoot with the beautiful Ms. Vikki Pham on Sunday. I am totally in love with this session. We had so many great photos and Vikki was simply amazing. She was such a natural and so wonderful at what she was doing! Her hand movements and body movements were FLAWLESS!!  The water was freezing cold yet she did not complain one bit. Overall, I am very satisfied with this set. I cannot wait to share the rest of this session with you all!


Vikki Pham- Set 1 Sneak Peeks

Posted on 29 July 2013 | No responses

Here are 3 photo sneak peeks from Sunday’s photo shoot with the beautiful Vicki Pham. I am still currently editing the rest of this session so stay tuned for the entire album.




Sneak Peek of Today’s Shoot

Posted on 28 July 2013 | No responses

Here is a little sneak peek of today’s shoot of beautiful Vikki Pham. This session was such a success! I cannot wait to start editing and sharing! I shot over 500 photos from this session, let’s hope I can edit them all fast and soon!!! For now enjoy these two previews taken from my phone. :)


My awesome sister,  who is also my assistance, make up artist and director of the shoot with my model!

Baby Kaylee Yang

Posted on 27 July 2013 | 1 response

Kaonue had asked me to photograph her beautiful newborn, little Kaylee Yang. She is so precious and beautiful! I am still learning how to photograph newborns. It may seem easy as most of the time they are asleep but honestly it’s harder than thought. Little Kaylee kept waking up and cried each time I tried to pose her. Although it was hard, I thought the session was a success. Below are a few photos from the session!




Karen Yang, Maternity Shoot

Posted on 26 July 2013 | No responses

I am very honored to be asked to photographed Karen’s maternity. It was just a mini session but overall we had a wonderful time, despite the fact that I accidentally stepped on an ant hill and became an ant feast. Let’s just say, I ended up suffering for the rest of the session but overall it was still a good session. The rain was nice enough to hold up on us. It had been raining all day long prior to the shoot. We had only a window of two hours to complete the shoot because as soon as we are done the rain came gushing down.

So, with what we were only able to work with, I thought we were able to have a pretty good session. Below are a few photos from the session. Enjoy!

Rewind to the Early 50′s

Posted on 25 July 2013 | No responses

I have known Sidney for some time now so I decided to ask her to model for me. I originally had a different outfit in mind but after some planning I had decided that she would be great as a rockabilly model. Everything turned out great, we were able to find a wonderful outfit the day before the shoot, just in time. Sidney was so wonderful, she was willing to do about anything we needed her to do to make the shoot work and I was very glad that she was such a good model! I just felt bad for her because towards the end of the session she became a mosquito meal. I normally bring out a bug spray for my shoots but I ran out so I wasn’t able to spray my models. But she was so positive about it and continue to model for me. It was such a great experience and at the same time, so much fun.

Hair and make up done by Hlee Moua.




Little Titus Xiong

Posted on 24 July 2013 | No responses

Who can resist little Titus Xiong? He was such a cutie!!! I photograph this session of Titus on Saturday July 6, he was only 4 days old and such a good sport. This was my first true newborn session I had ever shoot, and I will have to say, I truly enjoy photographing newborns. Shooting newborn was a challenge but at the same time it was so much fun!!! We started the shoot out pretty rough (with the black backdrop) since my lights decided that  one of them wanted to stop working so after some trial and error we were able to only use one light and made it work (white backdrop). I cannot wait for my next newborn photo session!!!!



Hmong Inspired, Straight from the Movies

Posted on 23 July 2013 | No responses

From the entire Hmong inspired photo shoot, this has gotten to be my most favorite photo. Every time I look at this photo, it looks like it was screen shot straight from a romantic Hmong movie. I also thought my editing of this photo really made the photo work. I didn’t want it to be in full color but I also didn’t want it to be black and white so I decided to just make the colors fade so that it’ll look like an older photo. I really like the turn out of it.

To follow my photography page on facebook click HERE. I update my facebook often and I also post the full sessions on facebook so don’t forget to like my page and comment/like my photos.


Cindy and Peter

Posted on 22 July 2013 | No responses

I absolutely love how amazing the rice field and the forest path tuned out in this session. Cindy and Peter were so great with each other during this shoot. Of course there were time when I just wanted to scream at them but for the most part, they were amazing with each other. For the first time from the many times I’ve photographed Cindy, she was very shy. Of course we were joking with her that she was only shy due to the fact that her little Peter was the photographing with her. Peter was also a great sport. Him and Tommy kept us all entertained and energized.

Here are a few of the photos of Cindy and Peter. I hope you guys enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed capturing them.




Posted on 21 July 2013 | No responses

I thought Cindy looked amazing in this outfit that I made last year. So when it came down to planning for this shoot I had decided to use my little sister Cindy as one of my model. I wanted to ring her neck while we were in session but it was also a fun session with her. Of course, since Cindy was my sister I enjoyed yellow at her during the shoot. Anyways, these are 3 of the few that I really like from the session. To see the whole session, look me up on facebook under mozemoua photography. Don’t forget to like my page. :)




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